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Climbing monsters

Climbing monsters



The documentary recently played at VIFF while I was away traveling. I need to see this sometime soon. After all, He is the Father of my steel stallion. Chapeau to his amazing craftsmanship, work ethic, and longevity.

Pepe should have a street name in Montreal, le balleur ultime.

The girls of pepsodent looking fab.

The girls of pepsodent looking fab.




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So yesterday was not my day. I got up early to do the 6am Rapha ride to alpine before work, despite the cold temps (like I literally kept thinking how it’s time for full finger gloves and shoe covers). It gradually warmed up and we were doing a nice pace. Towards the end of the ride we were back in the city and going down riverside drive before everyone turned off. Two guys were ahead of me, the light changed to yellow and I sped up to make it. I did, but at the same time a runner who presumably thought “oh the light is about to change and there are no cars so I can get a head start” ran out between the parked cars and I couldn’t stop in time. I went right through her legs and off the bike. She was ok, I was stuck in the middle of the street with a dislocated shoulder. I’m so glad the guys were there because I really don’t know what I would’ve done without them. One called an ambulance, the other directed traffic, and another sat there in the street with me trying to keep me calm. It felt like it took forever for the ambulance to come but that wasn’t the longest part of my day. I ended up spending 9 HOURS in that emergency room. Just as they checked me in a stroke victim came in and he was a priority so they put me aside (in the trauma room because everything else was taken). Finally the doctor came back and we exchanged horror stories of city riding-he’s been doored by cabs…They knocked me out to force my shoulder back in and I vaguely remember shouting at them in pain that it wasn’t in place yet. I think they took X-rays while I still out because I don’t really remember that happening. But when I did get back up they said the X-ray showed a possible fracture and they want a ct scan. So I went for that and then back to the ER to wait for results. In the meantime, a cardiac arrest patient was brought in and all doctors were sent to the trauma room to work on her. Not too long afterward another cardiac arrest came in (someone whom they said had just been discharged 20 minutes earlier). So everyone else in the ER just had to sit around and wait. I was exhausted, the painkillers had worn off, and I was starving because I hadn’t eaten anything all day but there was no one to talk to. Finally someone came to let me know there were no fractures but the doctor wanted to clean my knee an check if it needed stitches. He also sent someone to get me percoset. When the nurse came I told her I didn’t have anything to eat and asked if it was ok to take the meds on an empty stomach. She said it wasn’t great but she would get me a sandwich. So I took the meds. A lady (who was waiting with her husband who had pneumonia) walked by and said I looked sad. I mentioned to her I didn’t have anything to eat all day (I got to the ER at 8am, this was probably around 4pm). She offered me a tangerine that she had. That was really sweet of her. As soon as I ate it though it came right up. The nurse came around with sandwiches. Just the smell of those made me want to barf. I couldn’t eat it. The doctor finally came back and decided my knee didn’t need any stitches. He bandaged it up and sent me home with a goody bag filled with bandage supplies and prescriptions.

Today I’ve been feeling better, lots of soreness but I’m also on a regular painkiller schedule. I will get through this though, it’s nothing I haven’t been through before, and I’ll be back on the bike soon.

Woah that was a long post.

Last time I had a full femur fracture. I refused pain killers. Get off them. It’s a friggin dislocation.